SBUK Response to Spring Statement

Responding to the Chancellor’s Spring Statement today, Struan Stevenson, Chief Executive of Scottish Business UK said: 

“The package of measures delivered by the UK Chancellor in his Spring Budget will provide some relief for Scottish taxpayers from the high-tax onslaught of the SNP/Green government.

“The cut in National Insurance, which is outwith the devolved control of the separatist government at Holyrood, will benefit millions of workers while businesses will welcome an increase in the VAT threshold.

“These tax-cutting measures, which apply across the whole of the UK, are in sharp contrast to the SNP/Green government’s determined efforts always to make Scottish taxpayers pay more.

“It is little wonder that Shona Robison pled with the UK Chancellor not to cut income taxes south of the border – further tax divergence would have been hugely damaging to the SNP/Green government’s fiscal competence and laid bare the fallacy of their ‘progressive’ tax strategy, which is fuelling the progressive decline of business and industry in Scotland.”


About Scottish Business UK

–   Scottish Business UK (SBUK) is an independent, non-party voice for business leaders who want to see Scotland thrive economically as part of the United Kingdom. SBUK is a registered company known as ‘SB Supports the Union Ltd’. 

–  SBUK’s Advisory Council currently has a membership overseeing business interests that together employ over 10,000 people in Scotland and 35,000 people across the UK and Ireland.  Profiles of each member can be read at

Wednesday 6 March 2024

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