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Business and industry in Scotland are facing up to the challenges posed by Brexit. We understand the importance of recasting Scotland’s relationship with the EU based on free-trade and new forms of co-operation. We know that the UK market is worth four times our exports to the EU so it is clear that we must preserve the most open trade possible with ALL of our neighbours and international partners.

That is why business must send a clear signal that it does not welcome the additional uncertainty created by the headlong charge toward another referendum on Scottish independence, which risks dividing our country and damaging our economy at the worst possible time.

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Views from the board

  • Having heard investors that I know well, actively stepping back from investing in the Scottish economy, I fear for the future and am urging business leaders to share their support for Scotland to remain in the Union of the United Kingdom. It will only be by strength of voice and an evidenced based case that we will be able to defend the will of Scottish businesses of all sizes to remain in the Union.
    — Robert D. Kilgour
  • The voice of business sends a strong message back to the Government that a further independence referendum is not wanted among the business community. Business owners are no longer prepared to sit back and allow momentous decisions on the future of Scotland to be taken without full engagement with those who will be directly affected
    — Struan Stevenson
  • We must make the compelling case for the unique benefits of being within and trading as part of the Union. Scotland’s genuine majority voice must be heard and the majority do not want another referendum or to divide our Country at a time when we need to pull together!
    — Ivor Tiefenbrun MBE
  • Patriotism is a love for your country and as a proud Scot I have spent my career helping to build economic opportunities and in attracting investment. I am also proud to be British and passionately want the United Kingdom to endure.  To succeed in that aim, we must acknowledge that remaining part of the Union is a key lynchpin in growing Scotland’s wealth.
    — Jack Perry CBE
  • The break-up of the United Kingdom would be disastrous for Scottish business, not least because rUK represents two-thirds of our market. In what are already challenging economic times, it would be madness to introduce trade barriers between us and our principal market.
    — Dr Richard J Marsh

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