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“The people of Scotland used this year’s Holyrood elections to send politicians a clear and unambiguous message: their main priority must be to steer the country through the COVID-19 crisis.

“The stakes for businesses remain high. The vital support that company owners and workers have received from government during the coronavirus pandemic was possible because of Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom. The benefits of the pooling and sharing of resources across the UK have never been clearer – saving lives and livelihoods, protecting jobs and ensuring that companies survive and thrive.

“Yet despite failing to secure a parliamentary majority in May, Scottish Minsters still plan a divisive and distracting referendum on taking Scotland out of the UK, Scotland’s biggest market by far. That’s simply irresponsible and unsustainable. The government can’t claim to be laser-focused on recovery if it also keeps the prospect of another referendum hanging over the heads of business.

“Scotland must be committed to working constructively with the rest of the UK for the long-term; not just while it’s electorally convenient for ministers. Our devolved government can’t keep throwing into question the close economic ties we enjoy with our oldest partners. It must not continue to use every opportunity to excite grievance and drive division within the UK. To do so is to betray the promise of full recovery.

“If we are to build back better and shape a fairer, more sustainable, faster growing, more productive economy, we must fully draw upon shared strength promised by Scotland’s place in the UK. We can’t continue to repudiate that strength because if we do, the alternatives are bleak: a hard trade border with England, the loss of the Sterling union and a crippling spending deficit as well as the fracturing of relationships built on solid trust.

“That’s the wrong path. Scottish business is so much stronger in the UK. Business leaders need government to start to listen and to choose recovery. Doing anything else would not be in the best interests of the Scottish people and future generations.”

Scottish Business UK

June 2021

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Speaking up for business

  • Scottish Business UK provide a powerful voice for the business community who value our economic, social and family ties across the United Kingdom.  It is important that all voices are heard loudly and clearly to make the positive case for a strong and caring united Kingdom.

    — Scottish Lib Dem Leader, Willie Rennie MSP
  • Scottish Business UK understand that for our economy to flourish we have to work together across all parts of our United Kingdom. As people who are running businesses and creating jobs, they see clearly that the politics and grievance and division are putting the brakes on progress. I am a strong supporter of the great work they do to speak up for business and champion the UK.
    — Alister Jack MP, Secretary of State for Scotland
  • Day after day I hear from business owners who tell me their businesses are at breaking point due to the pandemic. What they ask for and what they need is for the Scottish government and the UK government to work together to support the economy and protect jobs. What they don’t need is more uncertainty, division and upheaval. Scottish Business UK has a vital role to play in giving those businesses a voice and making the positive case for cooperation across the UK family of nations.
    — Ian Murray MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Scotl...
  • Scottish Business UK boasts a diverse Advisory Council bringing together the views of business leaders from a broad range of backgrounds. The past few months have demonstrated how important it is for each nation of the United Kingdom to co-operate and we must ensure that over the next few months and years that Scotland’s two Governments work closely together to aid the pandemic recovery.  The economic case for remaining part of the United Kingdom is stronger than ever – we need to build on the strength of support we have seen from the UK Government to deliver security, prosperity and certainty for Scotland.
    — Scottish Conservative Leader, Douglas Ross MP
  • This is a time when we all need to work together. In the months and years ahead we need to concentrate on protecting jobs and strengthening the economy so we can provide everyone with security and peace of mind. A politics of division and separation sets that work back. Instead of dividing people, SBUK brings folk together from different backgrounds and businesses to make the case for co-operation and common sense. I am delighted to support the work of all the great Scottish figures behind SBUK.
    — The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP
  • The nations of Britain have far more in common than anything that divides us. At least one million Scottish jobs depend on us working together across the UK and so I welcome the decisions of more and more business leaders to join and support Scottish Business UK.
    — Former Prime Minister, The Rt Hon Gordon Brown
  • Having heard investors that I know well, actively stepping back from investing in the Scottish economy, I fear for the future and am urging business leaders to share their support for Scotland to remain in the Union of the United Kingdom. It will only be by strength of voice and an evidenced based case that we will be able to defend the will of Scottish businesses of all sizes to remain in the Union.
    — Robert D. Kilgour
  • The voice of business sends a strong message back to the Government that a further independence referendum is not wanted among the business community. Business owners are no longer prepared to sit back and allow momentous decisions on the future of Scotland to be taken without full engagement with those who will be directly affected
    — Struan Stevenson

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