Borderline Crazy

Free trade with the rest of the UK is fundamental to Scotland’s pandemic recovery and long-term prosperity. Yet voters are being told that a nationalist victory on 6 May is a mandate to create a trade border with England.

  • Scotland’s trade with the rest of the UK is worth 3x more than with the EU – UK: £51.2bn (60% of Scotland’s total exports), EU: £16.1bn (19% of Scotland’s total exports)*
  • Borders create barriers to doing business that increase trade costs.**
  • A trade border with England would cost up to £2,800 per person per year in lost income.**

2 Votes, 1 UK, 0 hard trade border. Use both votes to keep Scottish business in the UK.

*Source: Scottish Government – Export Statistics Scotland 2018 (published 29 January 2020)
**Source: LSE Report – Disunited Kingdom? Brexit, Trade and Scottish Independence

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