Independent and unaligned to any specific political party, business group Scottish Business UK (SBUK) has launched a new digital billboard advertising campaign as part of plans to drive engagement with business leaders in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

The digital billboards, which will be visible at eight locations in the cities throughout April and early May to coincide with the Scottish Parliament election campaign period, contain simple messages arguing that Scottish businesses, jobs and pensions are better off in the UK.

The campaign is designed to ramp up support for SBUK in anticipation of Scottish Government plans to go against the wishes of business leaders by seeking a referendum to break up the UK during the pandemic recovery period.

SBUK Chief Executive Struan Stevenson said:

“SBUK’s new digital billboard campaign highlights the simple truth that businesses, jobs and pensions are safer if Scotland stays in the UK and consequently less secure if we leave it.

“We know that the vast majority of business leaders in Scotland agree with this and want the Scottish Government’s first and only focus to be on pandemic recovery. Yet still the First Minister is planning a new referendum – and all the disruption and distraction that entails – within two years of next month’s election.

“Our message to business leaders throughout Scotland is that if you agree that our best chance to secure recovery comes if we stay in the UK, then support our campaign in any way you can.”

Any company or individual wishing to support the campaign can visit to find out more.

Note to Editors

Scottish Business UK (SBUK) is an independent, non-party voice for business leaders who want to see Scotland thrive economically as part of the United Kingdom.  It has an Advisory Council with a membership currently overseeing business interests that together employ around 12,000 people in Scotland and 30,000 people across the UK and Ireland.

SBUK is a registered company known as ‘SB Supports the Union Ltd’.

Scottish Business UK is registered with the Electoral Commission as a non-party campaigner, meaning that the amounts spent on campaign activities during the Scottish Parliament election period will be submitted in returns to the Commission.

SBUK’s digital advertisements will feature three campaign messages on rotation at the following locations until 6th May 2021:

  1. Ferry Road, Edinburgh
  2. Salamander Street, Edinburgh
  3. Great Western Road, Glasgow
  4. Maryhill Road, Glasgow
  5. Glasgow Northern Gateway
  6. Aikenhead Road, Cathcart Road
  7. Glasgow Road (A730) at Princes Street, Rutherglen
  8. Springburn Road at Auchentoshan, Glasgow
  9. West Street, Glasgow

The locations pictured are Ferry Road and Salamander Street in Edinburgh.

Media Contact:

Thursday 8 April 2021

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