Advisory Council member

Sheila Low

Sheila Low started her career in investment management before moving to unquoted investment within a venture capital company.

She also established her own business in her 20s which she grew and successfully sold some years later.

Sheila has also acted as a consultant within the Enterprise network encouraging business angel investment into start- ups and SMEs and had a senior role within a national firm of accountants in a corporate finance role. Current business interests include insurance and commercial property.

Sheila is the former vice chair of one of Scotland’s leading social care providers and has held many non-executive roles in diverse business sectors.

Originally from Ayrshire, Sheila now lives with her family in East Lothian.

Views from the board

  • Scottish businesses have been too reluctant in the past to speak up about the possible implications of Scottish Independence. I believe we have a duty to find our voice in this debate, to help improve wider understanding of the likely economic implications of separating from our largest trading partner, the rest of the UK.
    — Kevin Hague
  • The global reputation of Scotland’s asset management and insurance industry is something which we should be building on and actively encouraging new investment in – not creating huge disincentives and uncertainty that would come with another referendum on independence
    — Sheila Low